Topanga Raquel

The Starlite Pageant Systems is a love letter to my late mother, Mary Etta Brown. She was my greatest inspiration and number one supporter. She always told me I was destined for greatness and had true God given abilities, that no one could ever deny. She was the very first person to be inducted in the Starlite Lifetime Sorority, just months before her passing at the age of 56. I miss her every single day and can only hope I am making her proud.

As far as pageantry goes, I could go on and on about what I have accomplished as a pageant owner, titleholder, coach, pillar of my community and mentor.  However I have decided to let my work speak for itself.  I will never do things like everyone else, nor have any interest in ever doing so.  I do not want a seat at the table, instead I will build a mansion where many can come to feel safe to express themselves, be proud of who they are and be given the tools and resources to reach their greatest potential. Legends are not made, they are born. My Starlite family is a group of truly extraordinary individuals and I am so thankful to the ones who have taken this journey with me and represented my system and their titles with dignity and pride.  So I say to the pageant world,  Welcome to My Starlite Universe!!!

Photography: Marc Skinner